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REMOS, we are specialists in defensive security (Blueteam). We offer collaborative services for strategic and operational management of information security. We focus on promoting information security as a strategic pillar and on enhancing the capabilities of your technical teams and business areas. Our commitment is long term, so we offer continuous access to knowledge and experience through our private community.


Be recognized as leaders in promoting information security as a strategic pillar in organizations.


We are committed to making information security operations in organizations a strategic priority through cost-effective consulting and training services, while at the same time being socially responsible.

Our Values


We are committed to quality in all our work and we try to improve it constantly.


We are consistent between what we say and what we do.


We are committed not to disclose the information generated by us or that we keep for our customers.


We accept and value the opinions of employees, business partners and customers.


Our Services

A Blue Team Company



Our training packages will include tailored training content, challenges (both practical and theoretical), and much more! We are currently offering the following trainings: Risks and Protection Measures for End Users, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Design, and Implementation of SIEM, Cyberthreat Intelligence, Effective Vulnerability Management, Incident Management and Response.


Security risk assessment

We perform an assessment of your current security posture, to design a comprehensive security program that starts by defining your expected posture and then executes a route to achieve the objectives. Our assessment offerings are vendor-neutral and focus on security controls, supply chain, visibility, data sources and use cases for the most common and damaging threats. Our approaches are aligned with generally accepted industry standards and practices.


System integration

Our systems integration services favor open source and cloud-based capabilities. We want to leverage your existing investments where possible and enhance them, without adding unreasonable cost or complexity. Build services include products to enhance your security operation task within your SOC as they are: Collection, Triage Detection, Investigation, and Incident Response.

Our team

Our team is made up of professionals with specialised technical training in information security and defensive security operations (BlueTEAM), as well as a broad understanding of business management.